We have the Best Truck Bed Liners Made. Check out the various comparisons with Rhino Liner, Line X and even the do it yourself ones like Herculiner, Rustoleum and Raptor. . I have personally used the Herculiner one and can tell you it does not last any longer than the professionally done spray in bed liners.

Plus all of the coating type of bed liners require you to scuff up or sand the factory paint down in order for them to stick well.. This is not something I wanted to do on my brand new 2013 Ford F150!. And I don't think most people really want to do it either Especially if you have another choice.

The Dual liner comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, If You Don't Like It For Any Reason Send It Back For A Refund, They are made in the USA and are truly the best bed liners in the business. They incorporate the best of the spray in bed liners with the non skid properties of a rubber bed mat. Plus you can remove at anytime to put in on your next truck or to re sale on craigslist. So your actual cost of ownership is the lowest, compared with any other bed liner.